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The Web is evolving. Video sites change the way of streaming videos, browsers upgrade and we have to adjust Ant Video Downloader to these changes, so AVD users can remain happy and keep downloading their favourite videos. 

The very many of you experienced a download problem with the recent upgrade of Mozilla Firefox.  Some of the videos downloaded as wbem format with just the audio stream and no video.  This issue is related to HTML5 videos converting problems. We had to introduce a quick solution, which fixed the mentioned problem. You can now have a problem-free download again. However, the newly introduced Ant Video Downloader version has its disadvantage. 
The current version of AVD Player does not show downloaded files in MKV format. This mostly relates to files downloaded from YouTube. However, videos in MKV format are saved and stored on your computer. You will have to play downloaded files with third-party media players. recommends VLC player for this purpose, which can be installed here
The current version of AVD that does not play MKV format videos (in the majority this is related to YouTube videos) is TEMPORARY. The new version of AVD with an improved player is on the way and will be released ASAP. 


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    If Ant doesn't play Youtube downloads, it is of little use.

    If I have to go to VLC, why in the world would I even want Ant any longer?

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    Hafta agree with ^^Jhep^^ here, what good is if we hafta go elsewhere to watch our videos??? I would suggest you guys get on this bs ASAP (as you said above). Starting to lose faith in, and that's sad because I've been using you guys since forever. Not tryna go thru the headache of dealing with going all over the internet to play my music when I want to... I'm sure YOU GUYS WOULD FEEL THE SAME IF you were in OUR shoes (smdh). Thank you for your time, and consideration... Now, GET TO WORK, ppl!!! :-/

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    Ant V

    Hi Jhep3304 and Eqshelton54,

    Yes, we totally understand your concerns. We hope to release a new version of AVD asap. 

    Ant V

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    Zidox Ao

    They do this everytime. Mine just updated to and now it will not recognize the youtube videos. Test your product before you release it to make sure it works first!!!!!!!!

    Why release something that you know will only download but not play!!!??? I have tried to explainn this to ANT several times in the past.!!! Create, test, THEN release only if it works!!!!!!!

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    updated ant for firefox. and now it downloads bigger packets, i.e. 252 packets of 142mb (that take forever) and stores the video as 3gb+ mp4 for a 10min HD video. :(

    Is there a way to configure ffmpeg converter format and resolution?


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