How to use toolbar in IE InPrivate Browsing mode

Modern web browsers support special mode that allow users to browse the Internet without storing on disk information like browsing history, cookies (including Flash ones), images, etc. This mode is commonly known as privacy mode, although it doesn't provide full privacy protection like hiding or masking user's IP-address.


Note: Ant Video Downloader toolbar supports downloading of videos in the Internet Explorer's InPrivate Browsing mode only from 2.2.1 version.


Before downloading videos in the InPrivate Browsing mode, the Video Downloader toolbar must be activated because InPrivate Browsing mode first starts with all plugins and toolbars deactivated. You can see the corresponding message when you click on button on Internet Explorer's Command Bar


To activate the Video Downloader toolbar in the InPrivate Browsing mode do the following:

1. Right-click on the Tab bar (a bar where tabs are placed) and uncheck menu item Disable Toolbars and Extensions When InPrivate Browsing Starts

2. Click on the New tab button. A new tab with Video Downloader toolbar will be opened. You can close the previous tab which doesn't contain Video Downloader toolbar.

if you opened a new tab and there's no Video Downloader toolbar visible, then do one of the following:

  • Right-click somewhere below the address bar and select Video Downloader toolbar
  • Go to menu View — Toolbars and select menu item Video Downloader toolbar. If you don't see the menu of Internet Explorer, press and release the Alt key to display it, or right-click somewhere below the address bar and select menu item Menu Bar.

InPrivate-Browsing-MenuActivate-1.pngInPrivate-Browsing-MenuActivate-2.png  InPrivate-Browsing-MenuActivate-3.png

When Video Downloader toolbar is first activated in the InPrivate Browsing mode you see a pop-up introduction window:


You activate Video Downloader toolbar in the InPrivate Browsing mode only once. Subsequent launches of Internet Explorer in the InPrivate Browsing mode will have Video Downloader toolbar activated.
If you have already disabled Video Downloader toolbar in the InPrivate Browsing mode in the past and now re-enabling it again, it is recommended to open a new tab and use it instead of a previous one.

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