AVD was updated to version 3.1.24.

 List of changes:

  •     Limited UI (single page with list of detected videos and downloads)
  •     Supports YouTube.com and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  •     Added support of Vimeo.com
  •     Videos are now downloaded to Downloads\Ant Videos folder
  •     YouTube: quality is added to filename
  •     HLS: quality (or field 'name') is added to filename
  •     Auto-rename of target video files once video is downloaded
  •     Newly detected videos moved on top of list of detected videos
  •     Newly created downloads moved on top of list of downloads
  •     List of detected videos is not cleared on document redirect (videos are stacked up by tab)
  •     Open Folder link opens Ant Videos folder

    Fixed bugs:

  •         Session ID is missing in an inbound native message
  •         Inbound message is incomplete
  •         Inbound message is too large (occurred on huge streaming videos)
  •         Downloads page: OK button redirects to web site instead of .MSI
  •         Downloads page opens multiple times on button click
  •         Vertical bar symbol ('|') in the name of video fails video to be downloaded
  •         Absence of destination folder (Ant Videos) fails video to be downloaded

Please update your add-on and Native Application.

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