Oksana March 14, 2013 31 General issues

We highly appreciate our users and want to make you even happier with our video downloader!

Leave a comment with the suggestion and we will try to add it in new versions of Video Downloader.

Oksana February 21, 2013 4 Internet Explorer Toolbar

Recently we made a major upgrade of our software products on the web site The new version of Video Downloader toolbar for Windows Internet Explorer was released as well as several other products. We also launched another product:  ONE.png File1 Package Manager, which is a content delivery application designed to allow our users easily install, update and remove software.

Toolbar version and lower used built-in updating system, which usually upgraded silently, and, when a user had Internet Explorer browser opened it prompted for update with pop-up message box, displayed in the corner of the desktop. In the new version of Video Downloader toolbar for Windows Internet Explorer we changed the updating procedure. We moved updating functionality from the toolbar (as well as from other products) and now make File1 Package Manager handling all updates.

We also decided to distribute our software using small quick setup apps. This quick setup app, called the bootstrapper, first installs File1 Package Manager and then asks it to install the required program. File1 Package Manager can then be used to update installed packages.

But it turned out that some people were frustrated and astonished with the fact that another application is being installed on their PCs. Rumours begun circulating over the Internet, on discussion forums people were talking and ensuring each other that it is a virus, a malware and the computer is infected and so on; advises were given to erase every sign of File1 Package Manager, remove the toolbar, etc.

We can assure that this poinless muddle has nothing to do with reality. We produce neither viruses, nor malware. Our software that we release to public is always digitally signed. You can check it out by right-clicking on the installation .msi file, or on any our binary file, and selecting Properties, and then Digital signatures tab; select the certificate and click on Details.

But anyway we would like our users to excuse us for possible frustration and inconvience made by this recent update. We will try our best to avoid such situations in future.

People who like our video downloader toolbar and who would like to manually update to the new version, can use direct link to installation .MSI file:

msiexec.png AntToolbarInstaller- (7.43 Mb, Windows Installer package)

Note, that starting with version 2.2.3 of the toolbar, it has no built-in updating system anymore. You will not receive any pop-up message boxes prompting for updates, nor there will be any silent updates. For backward compatibility we kept Check for updates feature (available when you click green Ant buttonCheck for updates menu item), and it will now only prompt you to install  ONE.png File1 Package Manager.

Remember that you can also receive assistance and information from first hands by contacting our support:

Oksana February 20, 2013 Internet Explorer Toolbar

On February 6, 2013 we released a new version of Video Downloader toolbar for Windows Internet Explorer. The new version has number and it is a replacement for version and for all the earlier versions as well.

All our users are highly recommended to update to the new version.

Normally, users of a toolbar version should see a pop-up message box notifying about the update available. If you haven't seen the pop-up message box, you can try downloading and running the following Windows Registry script to enable notifications about upcoming updates:

TWO.png 2.2.1 Update Notifications fix.reg (1 Kb, Windows Registry script file)

You can also install the update manually by running quick setup app.

And finally, we recommed our users to install ONE.png File1 Package Manager that will make easier to handle installation and updating of software.

Oksana November 27, 2012 4 General issues is happy to announce a new feature, free Video to MP3 converter.

You can find Video to MP3 converter here.

Let us know what you think about it ;) We are doing our best to keep users happy!

Oksana October 23, 2012 How To

Now that you have downloaded videos with AVD, some of you may want to burn a DVD. There are many tools out there that can be used for this purpose. I’m going to instruct on how to burn a DVD with AVS Video Converter.


     STEP 1:  Download and install AVS Video Converter.


     STEP 2: Run AVS Video Converter and click the Browse button to select a video file.





     STEP 3: Set up conversion parameters by clicking To DVD button, defining the file sequence if necessary and selecting the desired preset.







     STEP 4: Set up a video output file path by click the Browse button next to the Output File Name field and selecting a location on your HDD for the output video file.


     STEP 5: Create a menu for your DVD by clicking the Edit button.




Then click Chapters > Add Chapter. Place the mouse cursor within the Timeline where a chapter should start and click the Add

Chapter button on the Timeline Toolbar. When you have added all the chapters, click Disc Menu central button to choose a menu

style. When you have selected the menu style, click OK.




        STEP 6: Click Convert Now button.




STEP 7: When process is over a new  window will appear, where you should click Burn to Disc.