Aurelien V Jun 14 Announcements

Dear users,

Recently had to change AVD downloads format due to switching YouTube HTML5 player to Opus audio.

For now videos will be saved in MP4, WEBM or MKV depending on YouTube player streams format supported by your browser and system configuration.

In case of video or audio playback problems with downloaded videos in your default system media player we recommend you to update your codecs with help of K-Lite Codec Pack Mega:

Either you can try to use third-party media player with Opus audio support. recommends the last version of VLC player for this purpose:

Meanwhile, temporarily you can force your browser to save videos in MP4 format with help of YouTube flash player switching add-ons or by making a few simple changes in the Firefox configuration.

You need to open "about:config" page in browser address bar, type "media.webm.enabled" in search field and change it to "false" by double-clicking.

Format should be changed after restarting Firefox.

Regarding, team

Aurelien V Mar 10 10 Announcements

We are happy to announce a release of a new version of AVD for Mozilla Firefox, version In the new version we have fixed an incompatibility issue with the new version of Mozilla Firefox. You should no longer have a download problem on Dailymotion. A simultaneous download of more than one video on Dailymotion is now possible too. Enjoy! 

Aurelien V Mar 3 6 Announcements

Happy to announce that we've released a new version of AVD for Mozilla Firefox, Now AVD supports the following video formats: flv, mp4, mkv, webm, mpg. The downloaded video will be saved in the video format suggested by the website you are downloading from. For instance YouTube has videos in three formats: mp4, mkv, and webm. So, a downloaded video from YouTube will have one of the mentioned formats. It depends on the settings of the video site, not AVD.  

We have improved AVD Player in the new version All the downloaded files will appear in your AVD Player and of course will be playable from there except for video files in mkv format. You will yet have to use a third-party player for a playback of these videos. We recommend using VLC, which can be installed here.
If you would like to change the format of the downloaded video file, do not hesitate to use Ant Converter. Team wishes you a nice day, keep downloading your favorite videos with AVD ;)

Aurelien V Mar 3 Ant Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

How to use Ant Video Downloader and Ant Player for Mozilla Firefox? 

Success! You have installed AVD (Ant Video Downloader) for Firefox. In case you had a trouble installing AVD, check out our video here for a better result. Now let's see how to use it. 
How to download a video with AVD for Mozilla Firefox? 
Go to any video site, select the video you would like to download and start playing it. If a video is detected and ready to be downloaded, you will see the AVD icon active (default Compact Mode) or you will see the 'Download' button active (Toolbar Mode). Click it! And voilà, you have a video downloaded. As simple as that. 




How to use AVD Player for Mozilla Firefox? 
To launch your AVD Player, select 'Player' in the drop-down list (Compact Mode), or 'Player' on the the AVD Toolbar (Tollbar Mode). AVD Player has the following functions:
Autoplay: automatically starts the next video;
Loop Playlist: a playlist on repeat;
Random Play: random selection of videos;
Previous and next: playback of the previous/next video. 




You can also create playlists. To create a playlist, rightclick on the left side of your AVD Player and select 'Create a new playlist'. Just drag and drop videos you would like to add to the newly created playlist. 




If you righclick at the left side of your AVD Player, you will also find such features as:
- Rename: to change a file name;
- Delete: to delete a video file;
- Move to: to move a video to another playlist. 
Are my videos also saved on my computer?  
All the videos that you download are also saved and stored on your Computer. Normally, you can find downloaded videos in 'Ant Videos' Folder located in your Downloads. To be sure about the location, select 'Browse' option in the drop-down list (Compact Mode) or on you AVD Toolbar (Toolbar Mode).
You can also change the location of downloads. To do this, select Preferences from the drop-downl list (Compact Mode) or on the AVD Toolbar (Toolbar Mode) and change the destination folder in the field 'Downloaded movies folder' by clicking 'Browse' and selecting the necessary folder.  




You can also watch our video on how to use Ant Video Downloader and Player for Mozilla Firefox! 


Aurelien V Feb 10 3 Ant Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

The Web is evolving. Video sites change the way of streaming videos, browsers upgrade and we have to adjust Ant Video Downloader to these changes, so AVD users can remain happy and keep downloading their favourite videos. 

The very many of you experienced a download problem with the recent upgrade of Mozilla Firefox.  Some of the videos downloaded as wbem format with just the audio stream and no video.  This issue is related to HTML5 videos converting problems. We had to introduce a quick solution, which fixed the mentioned problem. You can now have a problem-free download again. However, the newly introduced Ant Video Downloader version has its disadvantage. 
The current version of AVD Player does not show downloaded files in MKV format. This mostly relates to files downloaded from YouTube. However, videos in MKV format are saved and stored on your computer. You will have to play downloaded files with third-party media players. recommends VLC player for this purpose, which can be installed here
The current version of AVD that does not play MKV format videos (in the majority this is related to YouTube videos) is TEMPORARY. The new version of AVD with an improved player is on the way and will be released ASAP.