Ant V Feb 10 Ant Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

The Web is evolving. Video sites change the way of streaming videos, browsers upgrade and we have to adjust Ant Video Downloader to these changes, so AVD users can remain happy and keep downloading their favourite videos. 

The very many of you experienced a download problem with the recent upgrade of Mozilla Firefox.  Some of the videos downloaded as wbem format with just the audio stream and no video.  This issue is related to HTML5 videos converting problems. We had to introduce a quick solution, which fixed the mentioned problem. You can now have a problem-free download again. However, the newly introduced Ant Video Downloader version has its disadvantage. 
The current version of AVD Player does not show downloaded files in MKV format. This mostly relates to files downloaded from YouTube. However, videos in MKV format are saved and stored on your computer. You will have to play downloaded files with third-party media players. recommends VLC player for this purpose, which can be installed here
The current version of AVD that does not play MKV format videos (in the majority this is related to YouTube videos) is TEMPORARY. The new version of AVD with an improved player is on the way and will be released ASAP. 


Ant V Jan 25 Ant Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

You may experience a playback problem with AVD for Firefox Player. If you see a message "A plugin needed to display this content", then you need either to install or enable Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player. 

You can install it from Adobe website here and here.

To enable the plugin, you should do the following:

1. Go to your browser menu, see a screenshot below;


2. Select 'Extensions';


3. Then select 'Plugins' > enable Adobe Flash and Shockwave Player.


Ant V Jan 9 Ant Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox

Due to some technical issues on side, currently FFmpeg converter is not suggested together with AVD. You have to download it manually either using this link or if you are a Windows user you can simply download a file attached to this article. 

To make it work you have to take these easy steps:

Download FFmpeg converter (two options suggested above) > save it in some folder > go to Preferences > click Browse new the Media Converter field > select the path to FFmpeg converter (the folder where you saved your FFmpeg video converter) > click OK.

Now you can download your favorite videos! 

We are currently working on the fix to optimize the process of installation, so our users do not have to install ffmpeg converter manually. 


Ant V October 20, 2015 2 Ant Video Downloader for Internet Explorer  released a new version 2.4.5 of Ant Video Downloader for Internet Explorer that no longer has  a video player. Users can play downloaded videos with any other media player that supports .flv format. VLC media player is highly recommended.
The download process remains the same. All video files that you download with AVD for IE are stored locally in Folder. Just click 'Browse' on AVD Toolbar to find Folder location.  


Oksana July 17, 2015 1 What is

Once you have installed Antmarks Extension, you can start searching and saving any web pages by clicking on the Antmarks icon located at the top right corner of your browser. All web pages saved with Antmarks Extension will appear on your profile.

Go to your profile by clicking "My account" in the drop down menu in the right top corner.

All your saved bookmarks are placed in your profile, you can easily manage them by filtering tags. You can also check comments that you have added to the saved pages.