Oksana May 27, 2014 32 FireFox (Mozilla) toolbar

Oksana May 4, 2014 6 FireFox (Mozilla) toolbar

For Firefox up to 28, you probably have you addon bar disabled. 

Reactivate the addon bar :

Right click on your firefox menu bar and activate addon-bar.

Activate back the antmark bar : 

Got in about:config in a new Firefox page. Accept the alert of security.

Search for extensions.anttoolbar.mode parameter and right click and choose reset.

You ant video downloader should appear again. 


Oksana March 28, 2014 20 Download on Youtube with AVD for Mozilla Firefox

For version and over.

When trying to download file for some sites like Youtube, you may miss the media converter (aka. ffmpeg).


Click on the button Install. It will download and install the package automatically for you. 

The process can take some time. You’ll be notified :

In case of failure with automated installation, you can still install manually ffmpeg on your computer and provide the path to it into the configuration. 


Oksana March 26, 2014 8 FireFox (Mozilla) toolbar

You may currently have a download problem on Youtube. The source of the problem is a changed way of streaming videos. A new version of AVD for Mozilla Firefox is coming soon fixing the problem.

We are doing our best to keep Users happy :)

Oksana January 14, 2014 16 Antmarks Extention for Google Chrome

A new released version 1.0.9 of Antmarks Extension for Google Chrome requires new permissions.
One should see a popup offering to accept new permissions. If a user misses the popup inside the Google Chrome
browser, the extension will be disabled by default until the user re-enables it.

You can easily re-enable the extension by following one of the solutions below:

  • Click the Chrome menu icon then click on " Antmarks Extension requires new permissions" in the bottom of the drop-down list.
  • Or click the Chrome menu icon and select Extensions from the Tools menu or type chrome://extensions to your Chrome navigation bar.

Then check the box "Enable":


Finally, click on "Re-enable":