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Fixing problem with Windows Installer package

Dmitry Bekinin
posted this on September 08, 2011 15:11

This article applies to Video Downloader for Internet Explorer version or earlier versions

While attempting to update or uninstall Video downloader toolbar version or lower, a message box with the following error appears: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support or package vendor.




This problem may occur for a number of reasons, one of them is because the registry information of one of the binary components of the toolbar was deleted or corrupted.

In order to fix this issue one can use Program Install and Uninstall throubleshooter provided by Microsoft support services:

1. Open the following web page of Microsoft support:

2. Click on Run now button

3. You will be prompted to download an application. Download it to a suitable location and launch it

4. Click Accept button to start fixing the problem


 5. Click on Detect problems and let me select the fixes to apply


6. Click on Uninstalling


7. In the next screen, select IE add-on


8. Click on Yes, try uninstall


9. In the next screen, click Next to proceed


 10. After the troubleshooter fixes the problem, you can close the window.



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